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Volvo VN 780



Lower costs and a higher standard of living.

The VN 780 has always had a dual agenda to champion the comfort and safety of the driver and deliver engineering that takes performance and aerodynamic efficiency to new heights.

The VN 780’s raised roof is tall enough for a person 6'10" to stand with room to spare, with an efficient 77" sleeper. Its nimble handling will get you from loading dock to loading dock with ease, with fewer fuel and maintenance stops along the way.

Note to the wind: resistance is futile.

Everything—­­from the sloping hood and windshield to the rolled-under bumper, recessed door handles, and wedge-shaped headlights—­is sculpted and streamlined for the lowest possible drag coefficient. And with the shorter Volvo wheelbase, the gap between cab and trailer can be minimized for less air turbulence, requiring less engine power to push through the air. Which can mean fewer stops at the pumps.

This is one truck that knows how to maneuver.

Whether pulling a van trailer, flatbed, or reefer, the VN 780 makes every move with ease and precision,

especially in tight spots like loading docks, where both space and time are in short supply. The set-back axle and up to 50º wheel cut deliver a turning radius that’s one of the tightest in the industry. And Volvo’s

responsive steering maneuvers safely and confidently in any terminal or traffic situation.

With this sleeper, cabin fever is a thing of the past.

The VN 780 is the functional equivalent of a bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, and den. The workstation doubles as dining table and office desk, and bench seats quickly convert to a full-length lower bunk. The upper bunk folds out from the back of the cab, and a foldaway ladder allows easy access. Stacking cabinets can be custom-configured to suit your storage needs and to accommodate your microwave, refrigerator, and TV/DVD. You can even specify a built-in sink with running water.

Successful businessmen deserve a nice office.

The VN 780 knows you have a job to do and a business to run, so it packs the power you need for even the most challenging routes. The ride is quiet and the climate perfectly controlled, mile after mile. It’s a highly efficient environment that allows you to get work done.


BBC 188.8" (4796 mm)
FRONT AXLE POSITION 52.2" (1326 mm)
CAB VERSION Premium 77" High-Roof Sleeper; Long Hood


Volvo D13

375-500 hp; 1450-1750 lb-ft torque

Dual-Torque; Eco-Torque

Volvo D16

500-550 hp; 1850 lb-ft torque


Cummins ISX15

400-550 hp; 1450-1850 lb-ft torque

Smart Torque


Volvo AT and ATO I-Shift; 12 speed

Eaton® Fuller® RTOC, RTOCM 9 speed, FR, FRO, RTO, RTLO 10, 13, 15, and 18 speed; AutoShift® and UltraShift®


Volvo VF12 and VF14; 12,500, 13,200, and

14,600 lb

Meritor® FF941, FF961, and FF967 Easy

SteerTM; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb

Hendrickson STEERTEK®; 12,500, 13,200,

and 14,600 lb


59" Parabolic leaf spring; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb

Hendrickson AIRTEK®; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb


40,000 and 46,000 lb Meritor MT40-14X, RT40 and RT46

40,000 lb Dana Spicer DS404, DS405,

DST40, and DST41


38,000 – 46,000 lb Volvo Air Suspension

40,000 – 46,000 lb Hendrickson HAS

40,000 – 46,000 lb Volvo PRIMAAX EX


4 sizes, RBM 1,610,400 to 2,460,000

INTERIOR TRIM PACKAGE Five interior trim packages in four color selections

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