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Volvo VN 630



For mid-height applications, this truck measures up.

The VN 630’s spacious cab and mid-height roof have plenty of room for comfort. And with excellent handling and maneuverability, driver-friendly features and innovations, and an overall operating cost that’s consistently low, the VN 630 is an ideal choice for a wide variety of weight- conscious bulk and specialty applications.

The sleeper is available with two full-length bunks and extra storage. The ride is exceptionally smooth and quiet. Safety features protect, mile after mile. And every VN 630 is built to a demanding quality level that assures durability and lasting value. It is, in every sense, a long-haul truck.

A ride that turns any route into easy street.

The VN 630’s smooth, comfortable ride begins with a multidirectional cab air suspension system. Suspension air bags are mounted outside the frame

rails for maximum stability. A combination of vertical and lateral heavy-duty shock absorbers soften the bumps and minimize sway and rocking. The steering wheel is designed for the best possible grip, and an energy- absorbing steering column soaks up road vibration. For individual positioning, the infinitely adjustable steering wheel tilts from 0º to 32º and telescopes a full 4.5".

Welcome to the ultimate driver’s environment.

The VN 630’s panoramic, one-piece windshield has over 2,000 square inches of viewing area. Superior

insulation and soundproofing keep the cab quiet, for better concentration and less driver fatigue. An advanced climate control system maintains comfortable cab temperature, and strategically placed air vents circulate fresh air. The driver display consolidates key diagnostic information onto a large, central screen, with controls in easy reach.

Lots of living space. With an emphasis on living.

The sleeper area is available with two fixed bunks, plus room for amenities including a refrigerator and TV/ DVD. Generous cabinets are available with securely closing doors. Lighting and temperature control panels are located in the sleeper as well as on the dash. And a sleeper curtain plus available wraparound windshield curtain assure privacy and a good night’s sleep.

The best choice to drive your success.

The VN 630 is a powerful partner for successful drivers. Everything about it is designed for comfort, from the

air suspension to the driver’s console to the spacious sleeper area. The VN 630 makes life on the road easier, no matter what you’re hauling or where you’re heading.


BBC 173.1" (4397 mm)
FRONT AXLE POSITION 52.2" (1326 mm)


61" Mid-Roof Sleeper; Long Hood


Volvo D13

375-500 hp; 1450-1750 lb-ft torque

Dual-Torque; Eco-Torque

Volvo D16

500-550 hp; 1850 lb-ft torque


Cummins ISX15

400-550 hp; 1450-1850 lb-ft torque

Smart Torque


Volvo AT and ATO I-Shift; 12 speed

Eaton® Fuller® RTOC, RTOCM 9 speed, FR, FRO, RTO, RTLO 10, 13, 15, and 18 speed; AutoShift® and UltraShift®


Volvo VF12 and VF14; 12,500, 13,200, and

14,600 lb

Meritor® FF941, FF961, and FF967 Easy

SteerTM; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb

Hendrickson STEERTEK®; 12,500, 13,200,

and 14,600 lb


59" Parabolic leaf spring; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb

Hendrickson AIRTEK®; 12,500, 13,200, and 14,600 lb


21,000 and 23,000 lb Meritor RS21 and RS23

40,000 and 46,000 lb Meritor MT40-14X, RT40 and RT46

23,000 lb Dana Spicer S23

40,000 lb Dana Spicer DS404, DS405, DST40, and DST41


20,000-46,000 lb Volvo Air Suspension

40,000 and 46,000 lb Volvo T-Ride; 2, 3, and 5 leaf

40,000 and 46,000 lb Volvo PRIMAAX EX

40,000 and 46,000 lb Hendrickson HAS

FRAME RAIL PACKAGES 6 Sizes, RBM 1,591,200 to 2,460,000

INTERIOR TRIM PACKAGE Three interior trim packages in five color selections

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