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About UD Trucks: 1800, 2000, 23DH, 2600, 3300



 The UD at the center of our brand mark means “ultimate dependability,” and it expresses the
intention of UD Trucks Corporation to deliver ultimate dependability to our customers. The font of
the U and D merges with the oval, and its clean lines give it a strong look, but it is also malleable,
expressing a certain dependability and at the same time harmony with both customers and the
environment. In addition, the slanted line running between the “U” and “D” symbolize the “road”
that UD Trucks Corporation and the customer walk together, thus elegantly expressing the brand
concept of “Road to Your Success” as the road through ultimate dependability called “the UD way.”
The red color (“UD red”) inside the oval is carried on from the original round UD mark and represents
the passion of UD Trucks Corporation to forge a new road in the truck business, but with a more
modern hue of red.

UD Models: 1800, 2000, 23DH, 2600, 3300


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